Student Behaviour

  • Buckingham Elementary School

Student Behaviour

Buckingham Elementary is a TRIBES school. TRIBES is a democratic group process striving to develop a positive environment that promotes human growth and learning for all – students, staff and parents. Our 4 Tribes Community Agreements are:

  • Attentive Listening
  • Appreciation/No put-downs
  • The Right to Pass
  • Mutual Respect

 Behaviour at School

  • Students will behave in a manner that is conducive to learning and will respect both the school and individual classroom guidelines.
  • Parents will emphasize with their children the importance of behaving appropriately at school.
  • School staff will model appropriate classroom behaviour and will monitor and follow up as needed.  Parents will be contacted when necessary.

Pyramid of Interventions for Infractions-

  • A student who misbehaves in class will be dealt with by the classroom teacher.
  • In the event that a student continues to misbehave and ignores the teacher’s interventions they will be referred to the administrator or designate until the teacher can follow up.  The parents may be contacted by the teacher or administrator.
  • If the misbehaving persists, a referral will be made to the administrator, who will work with the student to formulate a plan of action to remedy the problem.  The student may also be served with a detention or suspension.
  • If a student persists in misbehaving, despite the measures that have been taken, a team conference will be held with the student, his/her parents, and an administrator.
  • A student who continues to misbehave has placed him/herself at high risk:  at this point, the student will be served with an out of school suspension and possibly a referral to external resource intervention.