Kitchen Menu

  • Buckingham Elementary School

Kitchen Menu

September, 2017- December, 2017


Magnificent Mondays!!


$4.50   Homemade Spaghetti and.   Meatballs!!

Made with our secret family sauce, loaded with hidden veggies…

Topped with homemade meatballs.


Tantalizing Tuesdays!!


$4.50   Hard tacos!!

Made with organic veggies, salsa, fresh local chicken and cheese.


Wacky Wednesdays!!


$4.50   Old Fashion Shepherd’s Pie!!

Made fresh daily with local ground beef, fresh local corn, smothered in freshly whipped potatoes.


Thankful Thursdays!!


$4.50   Chicken Or Beef Shawarmas!!

An assortment of fresh organic vegetables and tender local beef or chicken basking in a homemade garlic sauce.


Finally Fridays!!


$4.50   Sloppy Joes!!!

(2) 100% Whole grain buns stuffed with organic family meat sauce.



Daily Options!!

$4.00   Super Salad     Garden salad topped with broccoli, carrots,

Cucumbers, freshly grated cheese and a boiled egg on the side.

Choice of Ranch or Italian dressing.


$4.00   Jumbo Chicken Cesar Salad

Made with freshly baked chicken breast, homemade seasoned croutons and topped with mild cheddar cheese.


$3.50   B.L.T with a fresh homemade muffin.

Bacon, lettuce, tomato served on 12 grain bread with a hint of light mayo.


$3.50   The Snacker: 1 boiled egg, crackers and fresh vegetables served with dip.


$3.00   Egg sandwich served on 12 grain bread served with a fresh muffin.


$3.00   Grill cheese and a fresh homemade muffin.

Made with mild cheddar cheese and whole grain bread.


$1.00   Chicken Noodle soup or Tomato soup made fresh daily.


$1.00   Frozen fruit popsicles, at least two fruit serving

per popsicle. 100% healthy and sugar free!!


$1.00   Fruit Smoothies, 100% fruit, 100% tastey!


$1.00   Water bottles or Juice boxes.


  • Homemade muffins and cookies fresh all day long.

We are striving for a healthy alternative to bagged lunches.