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  • Buckingham Elementary School

Prescription Medication

Medication Policy

Medication cannot be given to students unless we have a doctor’s note or prescription (the information on the pharmacist’s label -child’s name, dosage, doctor’s name is adequate). Parents are required to fill out a medication consent form prior to the administration of the medication. Medication must be brought to the school by the parents and not carried by the student on the school bus. Medication must be brought to the office and administered by the school secretary. Antibiotics, aspirin, eye/ear drops or cough medicine cannot be administered by the school. It may be possible to get a prescription from your doctor for medicine that can be given at home and not during school hours.


If we need to call an ambulance for your child, the parents will be billed directly and be responsible for payment.

Address/Telephone Changes:

Please notify the school when you have an address change or a change in home or work telephone numbers. These should be updated immediately so the office will be able to contact the parent or guardian in case of an emergency.