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  • Buckingham Elementary School

Inclement Weather & School Closures

The Western Québec School Board covers a large territory. The weather conditions can be different from one region to another. In the event of possible bus cancellation, before making a decision, road conditions are assessed with several different partners such as:

  • All the school bus operators in the different sectors;
  • Environment Canada Weather Office;
  • Weather Channel;
  • Other school boards located on our territory;
  • Municipalities – road maintenance superintendants; and
  • Police Forces.
  • If transportation is cancelled, the decision will normally be taken prior to 6:30 am. Information will be posted on the Inclement Weather Twitter feed (see bottom of every page) and visible on the Board’s website.

In the event of buses or classes being cancelled due to inclement weather or bad road conditions, parents should listen for an announcement on the radio (see list below). The radio announcement will come from the Western Quebec School Board. No phone calls will be made to parents. 

  • CFRA
  • CHEZ 106
  • MAGIC 100
  • KISS FM 
  • CKBY 101 FM 
  • START 96
  • CJRC

You can also follow on Twitter (see Inclement Weather twitter feed on bottom of BES pages or at right on WQSB website)

In inclement weather conditions, it is always the parent’s responsibility to decide whether or not the child should be taking the school bus.

For emergency school closing, after the students have arrived due to bad road conditions or for any other reason where it is necessary to close the school early, you will then be contacted by phone.