• Buckingham Elementary School


The Board Office will no longer be processing criminal checks for volunteers. As a result, we urge volunteers to obtain their own criminal record check through one of the following options:


1)      Online. Simply type “security background check Canada” into a search engine and use one of the available options

2)       Visit a local police station with the attached letter WQSB – Volunteer SBC Request Form.


Please note that the cost associated with obtaining the criminal check must be covered by the individual and the results obtained must be forwarded to Krystal Boutin (kboutin@wqsb.qc.ca) in Human Resources for validation.

***Please also note that a valid security background check is mandatory for our parent(s)/guardian(s) to be able to volunteer at our various activities and fieldtrips that happen throughout the school year.


WQSB – Volunteer SBC Request Form