• Buckingham Elementary School

Pre-Kindergarten & Passe Partout

Buckingham School’s Pre-Kindergarten Passe Partout Program is run by a government grant. Funding for the program is determined by the number of pre-k registrants we have received by September 30th of each school year. 

Pre-k parents will receive notification via the mail in mid-November regarding the start-date of the pre-k program, the number of days a week the program will run and the school calendar. An additional communication will be sent out before the program’s start date which will include the school supplies list, transportation information, as well as the fees associated with the program. The second communication will provide a designated time and date for the pre-k student and his/her parent(s)/guardian(s) to attend a meet and greet with the teacher, prior to the start of the program. This will help facilitate a smooth transition from home life to school life.